Holiday Bright Lights Presents: The Magic of Christmas Trees

Everything is quiet in the final hour of darkness before sunrise, yet you can still hear the last notes from the carols the night before. You’re still savoring the sweet sensations of pumpkin, pecan, and cinnamon. The warmth in your heart lingers like an old friend come to visit over a cup of eggnog. But it’s the Christmas tree you stayed up for tonight. Nothing brings you quite the same joy as spending the twilight hours in silent reflection, appreciating your tree and everything it stands for. The others will delight in Christmas morning, but this moment belongs to you, your memories, your hopes, and your tree.

Pre-lit and Fabulous
Twinkling in the dusk, your Christmas tree boasts a design that’s yours and yours alone. Each ornament was hand-placed by you again this year – you love to daydream about the memories you’ll make, counting down the days and minutes until your loved ones arrive. Fortunately for you, though, your Christmas tree was pre-lit by the experts at Holiday Bright Lights, and the lighting is abundant. Whether you love a small, colorfully flocked Christmas tree or a green behemoth, the right tree is waiting for you in the perfect colors for your holiday décor. Professionally strung to hide wires and maximize brilliancy, these lights make it a pleasure to decorate your tree. Without strings of lights to untangle, you’ll finally have time to relish in the tree’s beauty. (Indeed, you may actually get around to baking cookies and crafting bows this year. Look at you go!) The best part? You’ll never have to worry. If one bulb goes out, the others continue to shine. If you can believe it, the folks at Holiday Bright Lights show just as much care with your tree as you do, and they can’t wait to share it with you. Indeed, Christmas trees have been waiting for this treatment for quite some

From Warding Off Evil to Welcoming Family and Friends
Centuries before the Christmas tree became a beloved tradition, winter trees and greenery were symbols of hope for people around the world. Their survival in the harshest of climates was a wonder. Cultures of yore believed that hanging evergreens above doors and windows would keep them safe from harm and malady – in a theoretical sense, that it would stave off the darkness.

The holiday tree would later be documented in Germany, endearingly decorated as a religious sacrament. In many circles, it’s widely believed that Martin Luther stumbled upon the idea of lighting his tree during a brightly lit walk on a starry winter’s night. Years turned into decades, and decades into centuries, as the Christmas tree gained popularity throughout Europe. Finally, after a Christmas portrait of well-loved British royalty made the holiday tree fashionable, the concept – already an honored tradition for German-American settlers and their families earned its place in the heart of Americans (History). old-fashion-christmas-tree-holiday-bright-lights

There’s something magical about Christmas trees. They call upon the childlike wonder in everyone, from the wide-eyed toddler just wrapping her eager mind around trees, gifts, and Santa Claus, to the great-grandfather who has experienced all of life’s great tragedies and triumphs. Christmas trees are a beacon of warmth, an emblem of peace. They’re the embodiment of the spirit of loving and giving. Christmas trees bring people together as little else can. This year, welcome a Holiday Bright Lights pre-lit tree to your home, for unparalleled glow and an equal bounty of hope.

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Countdown to Christmas Lighting: Why you Should Hire a Pro

With the holidays around the corner, people are gearing up to deck out their homes in festive lights. Should you take the Clark Griswold route and do it yourself? Or hire a professional? clarkgriswoldlighttangleholidaybrightlights

Although many homeowners and DIYers think hanging lights is simple, it’s often more troublesome than expected. Whether they underestimate the number of lights needed, forget extension cords, or improperly install the lights, a lot can go wrong.

Consider hiring a professional to do your holiday light setup for these three reasons: expertise, safety, and quality.

Professionals will ensure that the lighting setup for your home will look attractive and be the right fit for your property.

Robert Van Putten - OLP Clearwater, FL

Robert van der Putten – OLP Clearwater, FL

“A good professional lighting company has a great eye for design,” says Robert van Patten, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay, Florida.

Professionals know the best lighting arrangement for the size and type of home you have. They are familiar with the kind of lights that will work best in a given space or configuration, and what kind of lights will be the most attractive and most effective. Hiring a lighting professional guarantees that you’ll receive expert level quality.

Safety is a priority for lighting professionals. They know how to install various types of holiday lights correctly and securely so they don’t fall off or cause a safety hazard.

John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialists in Charleston, South Carolina, says his team carries out projects according to safety procedures, which prevents injuries and property damage. They also wear safety equipment, like harnesses, helmets, and gloves.

Minor says these are precautions laypeople sometimes overlook when installing holiday lights on their own, which can lead to dangerous situations.

“I had one customer who fell off his roof and broke his shoulder trying to hang Christmas lights on his house. He told me that he wanted to let a professional do it from then on,” Minor says.

Professionals are also trained to prevent electrical hazards when installing lighting. For example, van Patten and his employees are trained to work around home sprinkler systems as well as gutters, and know how to arrange holiday lights around them.

Top-Quality Equipment

Lighting professionals utilize professional-grade equipment and accessories that homeowners can’t access. Van Patten uses light links to ensure lights are properly installed on clients’ homes and properties. Light links are an accessory that only lighting professionals can order from suppliers.

Additionally, Minor uses LED lights in his clients’ holiday displays because they are cost effective and last longer than standard lights. Homeowners may not realize this and opt for standard lights, which burn out sooner.

A final benefit of hiring a lighting professional is the peace of mind knowing that a skilled, qualified person is making your home beautiful for the holiday season.

“That gives me a lot of satisfaction when customers say, ‘I can’t believe my place looks this good,'” van Patten says.

Interested in hiring a professional to take care of your lighting setup this holiday season? Holiday Bright Lights provides training and support to over 400+ professional decorating companies across the United States and Canada. Make sure you are working with a Clark Approved Decorator. Visit

John Minors decorating work!

John Minors decorating work!

Shades of the Holidays

Christmas has always been a season for lights, warmth, and joy. From trimming the tree to bedecking our homes with scores of strands of twinkle lights, something about Christmastime and the décor it brings always conveys a comfortable, nestled feeling to home for weathering the cold winter nights.

Over the decades, colors have expanded to celebrate Santa’s arrival in more than just the traditional red and green. With so many dimensions and shades of Christmas to celebrate, how on earth does anyone choose a color palate?

Delight in the Colors of Christmas
Traditional Christmas will always be a favorite for any palate. To put your own spin on the classic red and green, try adding different shades of the colors as well as textures for a dimensional effect that can make any room look radiant. Ribbons and garnishes of plaid, silk, velvet, glitter, and metallic touches all play on beautiful lush fabrics used during winter months to stave off the cold. Lighting can also be added as little or as much as desired, depending on your patience for unraveling strands of lights. For a simplistic look, weave twinkle lights amongst greenery before placing to tone down the sparkle, yet maintain the elegance and brightness of the holidays. You can also buy a pre-lit Christmas

Another way to incorporate light without worrying about finding an outlet is the use of gold and silver. These are both excellent sources of reflective light meant to enhance your traditional décor. Tall and small figurines, playful elves, or pillar candles of various heights are also ways to dress anything from the largest hearth to the smallest side table. Feeling particularly jolly this year? Try all of the above!

Holiday Greenery
For sipping hot cocoa by the hearth, birch branches and neutral browns amidst a cluster of greenery are a beautiful way to add that long-awaited and beloved evergreen scent to your fireside. Invite guests and friends to sit amongst a forest of pinecones, fruits, and berries for subtle embellishments of color in your home that truly celebrates nature. Lanterns, which are a great investment for any season, can be filled with fresh greenery, ornaments, small twinkle lights, berries; anything your imagination can dream of to create a welcoming entrance, add height to a mantel, or grace the center of the dining room table. Incorporating red fruits, greens, pinecones, and small berries of the season is all you need to create a subtle yet elegant impact in any room of the home.

White Christmas
For those dreaming of a White Christmas, garnish every corner of your home with twinkle lights, snow, white wreaths and garlands, and perhaps some winter white elves. Sumptuous furs, feathers, and soft pillow-y textures allow these simple colors to create an indoor blanket of snow. Adding a pop of green or red occasionally only accentuates the winter white, or choose to maintain a winter wonderland of pure, glittering frost.

Whether traditional, natural, or frosted with glitz and glam, there is no wrong way to decorate for the holidays. Experiment with current family treasures, and create new memories by adding new touches, playing with texture and height. Just don’t forget to leave room on the mantel for milk and cookies! modern-white-glacier-pine-tree-holiday-bright-lights

Blinging in Autumn with Holiday Bright Lights

On that first day, you’ll step outside in the early morning to pick up the newspaper, coffee in hand. You’ll notice that the air is crisp – a bit cooler than yesterday. You’ll tilt your head back, breathing in the refreshing last hint of a late summer rain. You might even imagine the mildest pumpkin scent wafting by. Yes, fall has arrived, and it’s time to decorate!

The Space Warmer

The best of autumn’s many exceptional qualities, perhaps, is that it leads us to the holiday season. The holidays are a time of warmth, togetherness with friends and family, and the spirit of loving and giving, from Halloween (seriously!) to Christmas and Hanukkah. Yet, there is no reason to wait until the holidays to share such friendly fellowship; simply extend the holiday spirit into autumn with Holiday Bright Lights.

Start your design with stunning greenery, and you’ll quickly discover that pre-lit wreaths and garland are key to showcasing your fabulous fall décor. Once a symbol of celebration, the wreath commonly serves as a kind welcome for friends, family, and passersby, but there are other extraordinary ways to display this lovely greenery. The Holiday Bright Lights experts have created a variety of phenomenal choices for your home.

Keep your favorite Mix Noble wreath on the mantle or interior door, but don’t stop there. A wreath is beautiful christmas-wreaths-on-windows-from-holiday-bright-lights-omahasurrounding candles on dining or sofa tables, particularly when complemented with berries, flowers, or holiday trinkets. Let your cornucopias, baskets, and vases overflow with anything you can imagine, ever-changing as the third season progresses to the holidays. Think fruits and leaves for fall, dried flowers and cross bones for Halloween, and autumnal ornaments for Thanksgiving, which leads you directly to the Christmas season. Your pre-lit wreath or garland is the perfect finishing touch.

Bling it On in the Great Outdoors

As in years past, hang your Holiday Bright Lights wreath on your front door as a glad greeting for guests and neighbors. This year, add a charming twist to the twinkling Sierra wreath by adding a colorfully painted family initial, seasonal charms, or vibrant leaves in the reds, golds, and oranges of autumn. Don’t be bashful – sparkle and bling will truly make your wreath pop, so consider shimmer or tasteful rhinestones, as well.

Weave garland and ribbon around your shepherd’s hook, leading to a hanging Noel wreath that’s adorned with not only gorgeous bright lights, but red berries and pine cones. Though it’s stunning already, make it all your own with vivid flowers or leaves. A custom creation complements the wreath’s center nicely, or you may consider, perhaps, a ‘Welcome,’ ‘Harvest,’ or ‘Autumn’ sign. For Halloween, a faux skull is a clever and creative addition, while a LED Pumpkin Halloween decor by holiday bright lightsturkey will fittingly prepare your homestead for Thanksgiving.

Autumn wagons and Santa’s sleigh deserve contemporary makeovers with Holiday Bright Lights, too. Line the edges with pre-lit garland, then fill the interior with pumpkins and straw or resplendent gift boxes and ornaments. Boast of your design prowess and complete the look with a perfectly placed wreath on top.

Contact our professional design team to bring the right bling to your holiday lighting project.

No Tricks, Just Treats with Halloween Lighting from Holiday Bright Lights

The most exalted part of Halloween is trick-or-treating; so why not illuminate the night with color and light as people make their way through the thoroughfare. Princesses, superheroes, and monsters alike mingle together on this one day of the year. Don’t let your house get passed by these delightful creatures because the lights were out – enjoy beautiful luminosity with festive decorative lighting, sure to attract eager candy seekers. Line each pathway with lit pumpkins to lure unsuspecting victims. For an additional scare, add a motion-sense witch or goblin by the door for a spooky surprise!

Halloween Spider Holiday Bright Lights LEDAs the weather grows colder, a chill in the air reminds us that Halloween is coming. The creatures that go bump in the night are upon us, and it is time to light up the night to keep them at bay. Each year we find new and inventive ways to keep the lights on. Luckily, Holiday Bright Lights has plentiful inventory to keep the spooky creatures in the dark. With an array of colors to choose from, customize your home, yard, and patio with an immense selection of lighting options, and when the festivities are over they take the hassle out of packing and storage.
Children and adults alike delight in wacky witches, scary spiders, and goofy ghosts. So continue the fun indoors, using pumpkins both real and lit. Safe and long lasting LED lights are perfect for lining a cauldron-black tablecloth, weaving through banisters, or brightening a window frame. Celebrate in colorful splendor with glowing orange, green, and purple for a fun and spooky color scheme, bright enough to wake the undead.

If you have a spooky theme in mind but are not sure how to “execute” it, simply seek the professionals at Holiday Bright Lights, who have certified experts that can solve any lighting mystery. With their distinctive iPad App, they will preview your ghostly project to pre-confirm its magnificence before committing to a design. With innovative technology, changes can be made and LED Pumpkin Halloween decor by holiday bright lights tested easily, so you can rest in peace.

At the end of your trick-or-treating journey, there will be no question as to which house is home when Holiday Bright Lights has been there. Sure to please, their staff is eager to support your next holiday celebration and guarantee the quality of each project. With the winter solstice coming and the days getting shorter, keep the daylight longer by adding a twinkle to your home. This is the season to make the switch to hassle-free, festive lighting with Holiday Bright Lights.

Halloween Flyer for Professional Decorators by holiday bright lights


Light up the Night with Holiday Bright Lights

Light does not just allow us to better see the world in which we live. It sustains us, it keeps our moods elevated, and lets the brightness pour through the dark. Without light we feel dim, hopeless, dreary: its energy gives forth vitamins, nourishes the food that we eat, and kisses the skin with color. The change in seasons has made it necessary to find ways of escape from darkness, including festive decorative lighting, garlands, and wreaths for all occasions.

Not only does light give off warmth, but a sense of safety and security. In parking lots, businesses, and public places, lighting supplies additional visibility for patrons and employees helping ensure their safety. With fewer places to hide, citizens may walk the streets confidently without fear of darkness lurking around a corner. In this sense, additional lighting is not only a benefit to businesses but to the overall community. LED C9 SMD Bulbs on Commercial Bldg

Corporations of all sizes use decorative lighting as a beacon to advertise their festive mood. In order to stand out amongst the crowd, each year new and astounding products are added to the market for greater diversity, all of which can be found with Holiday Bright Lights. With trained professionals, they not only put the mind at ease, but partner with your vision to create a stunning final look that even the Grinch will envy.

Wreaths and Garlands on commercial property HBLWhen people are happy, they have the innate desire to spread the feeling. Bright lights remind us to shine, to spread happiness and assist those who may need it. When the spark is lit, the energy is contagious, trickling into every aspect of life. Family, friends, and neighbors give more of each other and in-so-doing stimulate the economy of the local community. This alone is a reason for any society to celebrate whenever the occasion dictates.

As a community, business owners and individuals alike must take conscious steps to ensure that our light never dims. It signifies not only hope, but a sense of community when each window glows in silent solidarity. In accordance with tradition, we adorn our homes with color during the dark months so that we may remember the light, ever trying to return to it. This is why we all feel part of a single being when we see lights throughout a community. They are a symbol of hope, festivity, and love that glow even when the darkness comes. It reminds us that even in winter, when life seems darkest, that we will move forward, that the spring will come, and the flowers will once again bloom.
LED-RGB-Commercial-Wall-Washing Holiday Bright Lights
Learn more on how commercial holiday lighting can help your business by contacting Holiday Bright Lights professional team (Mike Marlow and Augie Roper) at 402-932-5321 or

Extend Your Summer with Deck and Patio Lighting from Holiday Bright Lights

Summer nights never seemed to last long enough. Before you know it, the sun fades into the west and it is time to go inside from the dark to bed. Away from the warm, dewy air that settles in after sunset, the crickets chirping, breeze gently rustling the leaves in the trees. Even though the summer weather is still perfect for outdoor celebrating, the dark tears us away from the warm and pleasant summer ambiance. LED Patio lights by holiday bright lights

That is, until patio and outdoor decorative lighting came into play. Trees that once loomed ominously with threatening branches are now bursting with colorful lit leaves, patios sparkle and the backyard is transformed into a flickering wonderland. Holiday Bright Lights has made illuminating the yard even simpler with their Patio LED Kit, which is installed on a large cylinder for simple raveling and unraveling. Wind around the yard trailing the long LED strand to define walkways and gardens, keeping guests safe from the dark. Add a ceiling of stars above every outdoor summer feast, stringing lights above for a glowing atmosphere in a vast multitude of colors.

Even your dinner parties can be a slice of paradise when using decorative lighting. To truly separate the indoors from outdoors, create a door and walls of hanging lights for the illusion of being in an entirely isolated space. By simply adding decorative lighting décor, you can take a modest porch and transform it into a restaurant or the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
There are many options when selecting lighting style for the summertime. Without the worry of freezing temperatures, LEDs are not the only option. Classic vintage-looking bulbs are now available for use, which drape charmingly around any setting or above any patio. These lights along with easily hung LEDs combine for an ethereal effect, which is perfect after a day in the heat.

Celebrating summer with family and friends is what we look forward to each year when the trees begin to bloom. Let Holiday Bright Lights bring the illumination without the scorching sting of the sun with elegant outdoor lighting. Cure the summertime blues with a festive outdoors and create an appealing, pleasant backyard experience for one and all.
From playing yard games by day to sipping sangria by night, the light is what sustains and keeps us grateful to be alive. With it we are able to see all of the beautiful color that thrives all around us such as green leafy trees, blue water, and the smiling faces of those we love. Bring all your favorites to light this season with Holiday Bright Lights.

LED Bistro Patio Lights on building top

Order your Kits at Holiday Bright Lights Link: ORDER PATIO LIGHTS

Holiday Bright Lights Has Done it Again

On one knee we present to you… Diamond Illumination!! That’s right, our C7 & C9 bulbs have a new patented technology that cannot be found anywhere else on the market and shine brighter than anything you’ve ever decorated with before.
The SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED bulbs are constructed in a way that hasn’t been done before. In your typical LED bulb it’s connected to the circuit with a two leg pin but ours are not constricted to the smaller area of a two leg pin design. To put it simply, the LED’s are attached to a raised board, then they curve the diode & create facets in perpendicular angles in order to incorporate a “diamond” type illumination that beams from all angles.
We don’t stop there.
After the meticulous construction of each bulb they are sealed making them water proof. These C7 & C9 bulbs have a 50,000 hour lifespan making them the LONGEST lasting bulbs on the market, plus their nickel plated base prevents corrosion. This gives you more durability and less defects.
We know that as a professional decorator, C7 & C9 bulbs are your most used lighting and we want you get the most out of your investment. We will continue to discover new technology and more efficient design for our products. We only want to offer you the best because that’s what you and your clients deserve.
LED C9 Multi

Light Links take the Tangle out of the Holidays

It plays out the same nearly every year: you bound to your box of holiday lights, pop it open, and are faced with rat’s nest of tangled cords. How did this happen, you wonder, with an inkling of déjà vu in the back of your mind. The answer is just as vexing as the conundrum facing you now. In the haste of your post-holiday blues, endless strands of lights were taken down and crammed into a box to be forgotten until this very moment. That’s where Holiday Bright Lights comes in. Perfect for professional and amateur decorators alike, Light Links not only dazzle the eye but are sure to never tangle. 3D Starburst Light Links Blue and Pure White

Unlike their tangle-prone brethren, Light Links come in four-foot sections that are easily, wait for it, linked together. Just place these holiday light miracles end to end and they snap together to pass power down the length of the strand. Durable against all of Mother Nature’s worst tricks, Light Links are anchored on stainless steel frames. They even feature articulated hinges to work around gables and windows. As an added bonus to the lazy yet design-minded among us, the lights come perfectly spaced for a professional, uniform look.

LED Snowflake Light Link - Warm WhiteSurely ideas of the ease and beauty of Light Links are filling you with all of those warm holiday fuzzies. Now it’s just down to feeling out the perfect design to fit your unique property and aesthetic. Holiday Bright Lights wouldn’t draw you in with empty promises to leave you wanting with bland strands. Fear not, lighting guru, a number of colorful, eye-catching light configurations are at your disposal. Choose from three distinct snowflake designs in the form of Blizzard, Ice Flurry, and Snowflake in your choice of color. The stunning 3D Starburst Light Link pops in either pure white with blue tips or twinkle. For a classic touch, choose from Bow and Swag in rich red and green or the beloved Candy Cane Light Link. An up-and-comer among professionals and amateurs alike is the Icicle Light Link that hangs from your roofline for a simple yet smart look. All of our Light Links feature patented, sealed LED lights that last many seasons.

As we’re on the cusp of another merry holiday season, there’s no reason to let that twinkle in your eye be extinguished by endless light knots. Light Links from Holiday Bright Lights not only do away with tangles but provide a uniform appearance. They’re a favorite among both amateurs and professionals for their beauty and ease of use. Transform the way you take on holiday lighting, leaving the tangles to Clark Griswold and his ilk.


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