When it comes to hiring the right holiday lighting professional, no need to look any further than Holiday Bright Lights Certified Decorators. Our network of Certified Decorators are trained in proper installation technique and product handling to provide you the best results for your home. Our Decorators will work with you to create a knockout design that enhances your property’s best features. Each Decorator has a trained staff to ensure that your holiday lighting display is installed correctly and then your property will be checked during the season to provide the best integrity services.

HBL’s Process:


Our professional designer will come to your home and personally explain, in-depth each phase of the process and how everything works. Then, he or she will ask you what your vision is and give you some design suggestions. After that, our designer will sketch up a lighting design and provide a complete program for you.


As a part of the program, we supply commercial-grade Christmas lights. From roof lights to tree lights, we give you the best quality available. These lights will last long and provide you with the best way to achieve your home’s desired holiday look.JR3X1147web


Our professional holiday lighting decorators have many years of experience, we ensure that your lights are installed correctly, safely and exactly how you want your lights to look.


We provide you with continued maintenance throughout the season. If you should ever discover that lights have burnt out or are not working properly, just give us a call. We’ll happily come out to replace lights or make adjustments. Maintenance service is included with each program at no additional charge.

Take down

At the end of the holiday season you do not need to face the cold or climb ladders to take down your display. We will come and take down the lights at the start of the New Year. And if you’d like to leave your display up longer, let us know and we’ll schedule your takedown for the date of your choosing.


Once we have taken down your lights, we’ll pack them away properly for you and store them in our dry storage facility. This will leave your basement or garage with more room and less clutter.

Our nationwide residential holiday lighting program are designed and installed by some of the best decorators in North America. Let us take the burden off you and provide the best holiday lighting package that makes your neighbors jealous.

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Professional Designed and Decorated

Professional Designed and Decorated

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